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The FICAC Board of Directors meeting in Istanbul, Türkiye


The FICAC Board of Directors, traveled to Istanbul, Türkiye, to hold its meeting on Saturday, February 11, and to show its support to the people affected by the earthquake that struck Türkiye.


The previous day, FICAC President Hon. Nikolaos Margaropoulos, accompanied by the Board of Directors of FICAC and Observers, paid a courtesy visit to the Chief Rabbi in Istanbul. Rabbi Isak Haleva, who has been present at previous FICAC events, including the World Congress in 2009 in Ismir, gave his blessing to the group.

The Board of Directors then visited the Foreign Economic Relations Board of Türkiye (Dış Ekonomik İlişkiler Kurulu /DEIK), where DEIK’s Chief Economist Dr. HAKKI KARATAŞ, Ph.D. presented DEIK’s structure and activities as well as Turkey’s performance and investment opportunities.

In conclusion, the FICAC Board of Directors, visited his All-Holiness, the Archbishop of Constantinople, New Rome and Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew I (FICAC’s Gold Star recipient). They expressed their appreciation and support and had a very pleasant and rewarding discussion, especially regarding their common interest in the protection of the Environment in which the Patriarchate is very active.

FICAC, through its "Women in Diplomacy" and "Art" Committees, had organized an Exhibition and Auction for women artists "The Healing Project" in Istanbul, Türkiye, which was to be held at the Pera Museum on February 12, 2023. Twenty women artists were to participate in auctioning their artwork, and the proceeds would be used to fund scholarships for girls in Peace and Conflict Resolution studies. However, the event was postponed due to the national mourning in Türkiye. The Board of Directors decided part of the auction proceeds to be donated to the earthquake victim’s fund.


Members of the Board of Directors present:

  •          President, Hon. Nikolaos Margaropoulos (Greece/Philippines)
  •          Secretary General, Hon. Purrshottam Bhaggeria (India/Moldova)
  •          Treasurer, Hon. Jelil Bouraoui (Tunisia/Estonia)
  •          Hon. Dr. Mirza Ikhtiar Baig Ikthiar Baig (Pakistan/Yemen)
  •          Hon. Borislav Boyanov (Bulgaria/Malta)
  •          Hon. STELIO CAMPANALE (Italy/Greece)
  •          Hon. Ami H. Orkaby (Israel/Korea/Mongolia)
  •          Hon. Francois Piers (Belgium/Tunisia)
  •          Hon. Karim Qubain (Honduras/Japan)
  •          Hon. Louis J. Vella (USA/Malta)
  •          Hon. Kwame Acquah N. Acquah (Ghana/Seychelles)
  •          Hon. Gonul Eken (Turkey/Saint Kitts and Navis)
  •          Hon. Paolo Tricotti (Monaco/Chile)



  •          Hon. Janis Zelmenis (Latvia/Malta)
  •          Hon. Vikram Vishwanath (India/Peru)
  •          Hon. Erol Makzume (Turkey/Guyana)
  •          Hon. Dr. Elias Nikolakopoulos Nikolakopoulos (Oman/Greece)
  •          Col. Thierry JOUAN (Monaco)
  •          Hon. Venceslava Yanchovska (Bulgaria/Norway)
  •          Hon. Alessandro Palmigiano (Italy/Lithuania)
  •         Hon. Raja Aghzadi (Maroco/Gambia)
  •          Hon. Atman Haloui (Maroco/Luxembourg)


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