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The Association of Honorary Consuls will actively work to support the Bulgarian EU Presidency


Today the Association of Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria and the Ministry for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council 2018 signed a joint working agreement for the first half of next year.

According to the agreement, nearly 70 Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria will be actively involved in the preparation for a successful Bulgarian EU Presidency. The members of the Association will work and inform their governments about events taking place in Sofia and Brussels, and will promote them through personal media and institutional contacts in the countries they represent.

"We need the support and expertise of people who are close to the citizens and their problems every day, especially on the priority topics of the Bulgarian EU Presidency - security, migration, anti-terrorism measures in Bulgaria," said Minister Liliana Pavlova and expressed her appreciation of the Association’s support. "Only together and united for supranational purposes will we be able to present Bulgaria in the best way", she added.

Additionally, the President of the Association of the Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria, and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta, said: "We would like to participate actively in the projects of the Bulgarian EU Presidency, but also to keep close contact with the Government in order to help the development of the Business industry in Bulgaria, and the better relations between the country and the countries we represent."

"Our work in support of Bulgaria during the EU Presidency is a huge chance to develop the reputation of our country both as a tourist destination and as a country with huge potential for future investment and good business. It will continue after these six months. It is our duty and responsibility to work closely with the Bulgarian Government and to promote the achievements of our wonderful country", said Maxim Behar, Vice-President and Spokesperson of the Association, and Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles.

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