The Association of Honorary Consuls in support of the Bulgarian EU Presidency


The Association of Honorary Consuls in Bulgaria officially presented its Board of Directors and the role of Honorary Consuls in the context of the developing international relations at a press conference today. The topic of the Bulgarian EU Presidency and the Association’s support of our country’s new and significant endeavors, was widely discussed

The subject will be further explored at the forthcoming International Conference (September 27th) organized by the Association that will look into foreign policy issues in Bulgaria. Representatives of the diplomatic corps, ministers, experts and non-governmental organizations have already expressed their wish to participate in the conference.

"The current situation in Europe is very dynamic. That is why Honorary Consuls are key figures for the development of political, economic, social and cultural relations between the EU member states but also between them and the non-EU countries", said Borislav Boyanov, President of the Association and Honorary Consul of the Republic of Malta.

Other key topics that were discussed on the press conference were the role of Honorary Consuls in dealing with the problem of migration and the implementation of anti-terrorist measures in Bulgaria. Security and migration are priorities for the country's EU Presidency in 2018.

"Our work in support of Bulgaria during the European Presidency is a huge chance to develop the reputation of our country both as a tourist destination and as a country with huge potential for future investments", said Maxim Behar, Honorary Consul General of the Republic of Seychelles and spokesman The Association.

The press conference was also attended by Ivaylo Dermendzhiev - Honorary Consul of Kenya, Dr. Christo Iliev - Honorary Consul of the Republic of Mauritius, Professor Krasimir Metodiev - Honorary Consul of Israel, and Borislav Sarandev - Honorary Consul of Sri Lanka. They shared valuable insights from their experience and practice on building long-lasting relations between the countries they represent and the Bulgarian state.

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